The CKPRes Annual Conference

The Word and the World
Science and the Christian Life

Kamesh Sankaran

Originally from southern India, Kamesh earned his Bachelor of Science from Illinois Institute of Technology before heading to Princeton to receive both his Masters and Ph.D. It was at Princeton that a fellow research student shared the gospel with him and Kamesh became involved in campus ministry.

After receiving his Ph.D., joined the faculty at Whitworth where he teaches physics, authors articles on spacecraft propulsion, and also spends his summers conducting research for NASA. However, Kamesh's commitment to his students and love of building relationships with them is what really stands out to his students. 

Breakout Sessions

David Sweeney

Experiencing God in Creation: Spiritual Growth Through Scientific Understanding
As Washington residents, we are continually exposed to the grandeur of creation, but perhaps too many of us have become desensitized to its wonders. David will walk us through reawakening our child-like curiosities and drawing closer to God by engaging with His word and the intricacies of His creation.

Stephanie Sweeney

Creation Care: The Environment, Why It Matters, and What Our Response Should Be
Since the Industrial Revolution, humanity's impact on the natural world has been exponentially growing. Research has shown the impact our actions are having on every living thing on this planet. With Stephanie, we will explore these impacts, what Holy Scripture has to say about our relationship to the natural environment and how we can love God and our neighbor through our collective actions.

Dave Lester

Interpreting the Creation Accounts
Dave will be investigating the interpretive lens we have been handed for reading the creations accounts, while speaking about other options that may help us free the creation account from the cantankerous culture wars of our time.

Renata Durst

Creation Care: Our Bodies
God not only created everything that we can see from the deepest oceans to the far reaches of the Universe, he created our bodies which has been bought and paid. We are called to care for them as such. However, this can be tricky due to our fast-paced lives. Renata will help us renew what it means to take care of the temple of God, our bodies, for His purpose. 

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Friday evening, join us to welcome Kamesh Sankaran. We'll have dinner at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall, and at 6:30pm we'll head to the Sanctuary for Worship.

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