meet our staff

Tyler Kirkpatrick

Senior Pastor

Tyler received his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. He is also a graduate of Whitworth University in Spokane, WA where he majored in theology.

Prior to coming to CKPC in 2015, Tyler worked with college students and young adults at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, and has been involved with youth ministries at several churches, including serving as the Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries at Country Homes Christian Church in Spokane.

A born and bred Western Washingtonian, Tyler and his wife Brittany are happiest reading in a hammock or hiking out on the trail, miles from the car, lugging heavy backpacks and eating freeze-dried dinners. Tyler also enjoys skiing and scaling the occasional mountain. His love for the Mariners, Seahawks and Sonics (RIP) runs deep, but he bleeds the purple and gold of the Washington Huskies (his devotion might be called “unhealthy”—he watched every game of their 0-12 season!).

In January 2020 all of those hobbies and interests (along with a good night’s sleep) were happily knocked way down the priority list as Tyler and Brittany welcomed their son Leif into the world, and in October 2021 they were knocked even further down the priority list (with even less sleep) when they welcomed their daughter Noemi. They are overjoyed at having the tremendous blessing of parenting these little ones.

Dani Sharrett

Directory of Children's Ministry

Dani is so thrilled to be the Children’s Ministry Director here at CKPres. She has grown up here in Bremerton and started attending CKPres with her family when she was three years old. She started teaching Sunday School at 12 and has never stopped. She has a passion for sharing Jesus’s love with children and seeing how it can change their lives. She feels truly blessed that she has found her dream job here at CKPres. In her spare time she loves watching movies and crafting. She enjoys spending Saturdays with her Husband and dog snuggled up on the couch watching a movie or playing a new board game. She is full of useless trivia facts about pop culture and can quote almost every line from Friends. She is also a complete Disney Fanatic and if you bring it up she will talk for hours! She is excited to see what God has planned here are CKPres!

Amanda Warfield

Youth + Community Outreach Directory

Amanda just couldn't stay away from the PNW. After her husband Russell was stationed here from 2016-2019, they moved back home to South Carolina to enjoy civilian life. After four years enjoying warmer weather and being close to family, Amanda felt God calling her back here to CKPres.

She's thrilled to be part of the CKPres Staff team as our Youth Director and Community Outreach Director, and is enjoying seeing the way God is moving within our church and this community.

Amanda's South Carolina roots run deep, as does her love for (the original) USC sports. She misses being able to attend in person, but enjoys that the West Coast game times are much more aligned with her 8:30 pm bedtime.  Oh, and if you ever want to get OUT of a conversation with her, don't bring up Taylor Swift  or Disney.  

Dax Baumgartner

Praise Band Lead

Dax’s music background is extensive and varied, and includes everything from ragtime piano and radio jingles to world tours with pop vocal groups. At his home church in central Florida, Dax enjoyed being a “jack of all trades,” serving in multiple capacities with that worship band, and brings that experience and drive to the team here at CKPres. Dax’s involvement with the Worship Band can be summed up in one phrase: “Mix it up.” He feels that a music team is at its best when they offer a little something for everyone. Dax believes in leading worship through song, whether it’s a traditional hymn, a well-known staple of Christian pop radio, or maybe a more obscure piece that happens to speak to his heart. Dax is always on the lookout for a new meaningful and inspiring song to introduce to the congregation, provided there’s ever time to actually rehearse it with the band!

Most of Dax’s time outside of CKPres is spent working as a music producer in Seattle, or at home with his wife Melissa and their baby boy, Austin. A big fluffy cat named Chester and two even bigger, fluffier dogs named round out the Baumgartner household.

Glen Milligan

Director of Choral Music

Glen earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Biology from Washington State University and is earning his Master’s degree in Education from Washington Governor’s University. Currently, Glen is working as a piano teacher for the Washington Academy of Music and as a paraeducator for the Peninsula School District. In addition, Glen has extensively sung in sacred settings from California to London and he is excited to share his experience with CKPres’ choir!

Patrice Johnson

Office Manager + Director of Communication

Patrice moved to Silverdale in the fall of 2017 from Portland, Oregon. She grew up in Eastern Washington. Since moving to the northwest she has missed the sunshine the most, but it has given her an excuse to have multiple pairs of rain boots! She enjoys organizing, good coffee, good wine, and long walks through the aisles of Target. Patrice, her husband and two boyss enjoy spending time outside. They are Portland Trail Blazer Fans, Minnesota Vikings, and Seahawks fans (of course)!

Martie Hole

Director of Creative Connection Preschool

Martie has a deep love for Jesus and young children, which are perfectly paired in her role as the Director of Creative Connection Preschool and Kindergarten. She is blessed to be part of such an amazing ministry and has always said she has “The best job on the planet, and the payment in hugs alone make it all worth while!” Born and raised in Eastern Washington, she met and married the love of her life, Kris. They moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest when her husband was stationed at the Shipyard with the Navy in 1984. Together they have since raised 2 children, 2 dogs, multiple cats (and even a fish!) here in Bremerton and are delighted to call it home. Martie loves coffee–especially from All-Star espresso stand, as well as crafting, traveling, and most importantly, spending time with family! She looks forward to coming to work every day and is excited to be part of the plans God has in store for the future of CKPres!

Brett Howarth

Director of Live Stream

Brett has technical background of 20+ years working with audio, video and computer equipment. He was born and raised in western Washington and grew up in the church with always some sort of spiritual involvement whether it be with the youth group, Vacation Bible School and/or running sound equipment.
It was 2019 when he got into game streaming and little did he know that God would call upon his new skills and heart just a year after that for CKPC.
It was his desire to develop a livestream at CKPC as an outreach to the church, community and most importantly to share God’s words in new ways.
Brett’s time outside of CKPC is spent at work or with his wife and his 3 boys at home. Some of his hobbies include video games, movies, camping and his love for Seattle sports.

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